C&A ‘Cuentos Cortos’ Dir. Cut
Alexis asked me to do a track that fits with this little story, first I did a version without voice that they liked but I wanted to add some extra, I was feeling it a bit empty, so Ch. Pinewood worked on layers and layers of voices, almost all of them pretty dope, after a selection and a bit of process, this is the result.
Directed by Alexis Gómez
Produced by Caixa Pro for C&A México / Rocca Luis César.
DOP: Carlos Feher
Producer: Maria Soto
Production Design by Rocca Luis César
Music/Sound Design: Aimar Molero
Voice: Ch Pinewood
Color Grading: Yulia Bulashenko.
1st AC: Leonardo Colunga
Art Director: Paulina Gallardo
MUA: Jorge Hernández
Con: Pablo del Bel, Stefania Saavedra, Xiomara Moreno, Paloma.

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