I worked on a song for the newest Aitana's perfume, "be magnetic", video commercial. This project involves the purpose of creating a new "Rock Star" image of the artist. On this product Aitana appears with a grunge look, then I decided to get the focus of the track on the electric guitar's and distorted voices.
As I described earlier, the main sound of the piece is the electric guitar. I mutated the original sound of the guitar's recording, modifying the pitch -12 semitones and bringing the mix of this new sound at 69% of wetness. This technique provides a deep and strong sound, giving a bass feeling for the song in complete harmony with the guitar.
Another key of this piece is the drum set. I create a kick-snare rhythm to give a fashion catwalk feeling with some percussive elements that bring the power and movement of the elements to the video.

CLIENT: Puig® Star Fragancias

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