Nomada Type Collection.
This past weeks I have been working with Pràctica Studio doing this soundtrack.
I wanted to work on a music track that puts together things that normally are a bit distant.
Hip hop vs jazz, modern vs classic, elegance vs raw style. Trying to get Something that can work in different places as the typo does.

I asked Ch. Pinewood for this vocals, he is a good singer that also mix jazz studies with a really fresh approach of music.
I also wanted a pop structure and i think I found the best possible due the estructure of the video. There are few changes on the tempo but I think the flow pretty good. It starts with 63bpm then we get 80 in the jazzy part, and it scales to 89bpm in the final part.
Promotional video for Nomada Type Collection, the new font release from
This collection is made out of 5 families: Sans, Serif, Slab, Didone and Incise – all sharing the same skeleton.
In today’s digital environment, typefaces need to be able to work in different supports and devices; Nomada explores this constant movement.
Big thanks to Jordi Embodas for trusting us.
In collaboration with Gerard Mallandrich
And many thanks to:
Direction: Kiwi Bravo
DOP: Carlos Feher 
Set Design: Alex la Salle 
Set Design Assistant: Marina Pérez
Music and Sound Design: Aimar Molero
Voice: Ch Pinewood

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